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Preschool Arcade app for iPhone and iPad

4.5 ( 4635 ratings )
Games Education Educational
Developer: 3DAL, LLC
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.5, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 16 Feb 2009
App size: 9.59 Mb

NOTE: This FULL app is also included in our other app "Preschool Adventure" (Which contains 18 games for only .99)

Preschool Arcade includes four educational mini-games:

- ABC Invasion
- Pinball 123
- Claw-Crane Matching
- Whack-A-Mole Colors Game

Fully animated, with dozens of great sounds for little ones to enjoy. Teaches alphabet recognition for all the letters of the alphabet both capital and lower case, enforces basic number recognition and counting skills (from 1-10), cognitive matching learning methods, fine motor skills, and much more.

Pros and cons of Preschool Arcade app for iPhone and iPad

Preschool Arcade app good for

Educational but the sound could be adjustible (especially for the iPod touch with low speaker sounds--I dont want my 3 & 5 year olds wearing headphones yet!).
Another quality app for kids! They love the crane game, letter arcade game and pinball....and I love them learning numbers, letters and shapes! I think its great I can hand the kids my ipod touch and know they will be entertained!
This is the *best* game for preschoolers hands down. If you think preschool adventure is a good game - this one will blow you out of the water! 3 Dal clearly put time and energy into this one - the kids are instantly rewarded for every correct answer, they are attainable skills, educational and fun! You cannot go wrong with this one - well, well worth the $0.99!!
My niece loves it. It keeps her busy and she learns while playing.
The learn letters game in this app is outstanding for preschoolers. A creative and fun way to learn letters. If the app only had this game it would be sufficient. The other two games in this app are OK, but a little too complex for a young (2-3 year old) preschooler. They might be good for a 4 year old or older.
This is a wonderful app for children! I use this with my 2 year old and she LOVES it! The alien  letter game is great because it teaches both upper and lowercase letters. She loves watching them march to the bottom, she giggles everytime! The shape sorter is also great because it helps her identify the item by shape. This is her favorite! She loves that claw! And finally, the numbers game is cool because as it counts the train gets as many cars as the numbers said, so we count as they go across. Not to mention is a kiddie pinball game. There are no losers in these games. She gets and understands all of these games, this is one of her favorite games. She actually feels like she is like a big kid and has games she can play well. The graphics are very fun, colorful, and attention keeping. And the sounds are absolutely great, my husband thought we were playing an old Atari game or something, lol. Amazing job! We  it!! We also have your Bumblebee Touchbook (which we adore!), Preschool Adventure, & Suzy Dress Up, all of which are on her "favorites" page on my iPhone. Keep em coming!

Some bad moments

I dont understand how no one else seems to have run into these problems, but in the Matching game, if you select one of the toys that you have already matched, the claw will grab it, drop it out the door and it will move to the top left of the screen. The game then acts as if you have made a correct match. There are several other odd behaviors with this game as well. Also the exit box disappears sometimes. Could someone please fix these problems ? Also, the counting game is kinda neat looking but doesnt make much sense. In short the whole package is a nice little short term activity for your child, but I dont see any reason for the wildly happy endorsements from the other reviews, especially given the glitches in the program.
Misleading game play. I found the games to be linear in exicution with no real surprises.
My 3-year old nephew was pretty disappointed with Preschool Arcade. He lasts the longest with the Alphabet version of Space Invaders. Neither of us could figure out the why and what for in the Numbers game. You touch a pinball, it stops on a road. A vehicle appears and then stops on the same road... you wait.... eventually you decide to touch the car which causes it to drive the ball towards the middle of the screen and then (depending on how long you repeat this) the next consecutive number flashes on the screen. "Three!". Rinse and repeat. We never made it past number 4 because it was so boring. The third game, claw crane match, is okay. Its about matching an image to its silhouette. Midly entertaining, but, and I quote, "Lets play a different game, okay?" There are some cool ideas in this game, I appreciate the effort, but... its not worth my 3 year-old nephews time. Not even 2 minutes. So....
Boring for my 4 year old. Perhaps ok for younger kids. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox was better.
I rarely write reviews but this game should be free!! Super boring!!
Very disappointed. Looked great but my 4 y/o actually said "this is boring" after 10 mins and didnt play it again after that. :(